Two radio operators, Yuri, VE3DZ and Victor VA2WDQ/VA2WA will do there best to represent FP DXCC entity to the world of HAM radio operators. They will be active  during period of July 20-31, 2012 in CW/SSB/RTTY by using personal calls FP/VE3DZ and FP/VA2WA for everyday and TO2U for contests (CQ WW VHF Contest and RSGB IOTA).

The Band plan

     BAND             CW                  SSB                RTTY     
6mt 50.104 50.115
10mt 28.024 28.440 28.080 
12mt 24.894 24.940 24.914
15mt 21.024 21.240 21.084 
17mt 18.074 18.140 18.104
20mt 14.024 14.240 14.084
30mt 10.114  -   10.142
40mt 7.024 7.060  7.140 7.041
80mt 3.524 3.790  -
160mt 1.824  -  -



We plan to operate two stations. Given the difficulties in getting large amounts of heavy equipment to the island, we plan to use lightweight but high performance K3/TS-590S transceivers and a small HLA-300V amplifier.


1 x Elecraft K3/100 with RigExpert Plus interface

1 x Kenwood TS-590S with K1EL WinKey interface



1 x RM Italy HLA-300V


20/15/10m: 1 x Spiderbeam 3 bands on 10m mast

30m/40/17/12 SteppIR BiggIR vertical

160/80m: 11.5m top loaded vertical

6M: 3 el. Yagi (Cushcraft)

Band Pass filters

Remo (Russia)

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