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July 29 2012:

Молодцы ребята! Отличная работа, особенно на Low Band\'s. Спасибо за new one на 160м. И еще спасибо, что слушали не только NA, но активно работали в сторону EU. Best operation! 73, Nick UT5UT

July 29 2012:

Thanks for the QSO and the new dxcc. Keep up the great work! 73s de Alex DL4ALX


July 27 2012:

Hello guys, thanks for this nice CW-acitivity. Yesterdfay your signals were listened well on 160m too between all the QRN. Thanks for the great operation!! Good luck and 73\'s! Franz DL9GFB DL0SOP

July 26 2012:

Hi Yuri, thanks for the contact tonight. Good signal into Ontario. Hope you guys are enjoying the DXpedition. I will try to work your call for the RSGB IOTA contest on 40M. 73, Gerry VE3PYJ


July 25 2012:

 Yuri.  Normally I have real problems working FP from here with my small station.  The vertical antenna does not work all that well.

I am very impressed with Victor and your operation.  How you ever heard me on 10 meters,  I will never know. As a matter of fact, I have never had to call more than twice on any band and you guys heard me...  Thanks...!

Have heard you on 6 as well but haven't called yet as QSB has been bad also you were up on 50.103 - 104 and I have bad noise there always.

Enjoy your stay...

Thanks again - 161  Andy (VE9DX) Ex: CY0SPI, VE1ASJ, VE1SPI, VO2AB, VE8CW, HP9FC, ZD9BP etc...


July 24 2012:

 Great to hear and work you on 6m yesterday. Good job. AJ9C


July 21 2012:

 Hi guys, you doing a great job there on FP! pse try work EU on low bands at your sunset..all the best 73! Giuseppe IT9FGA


July 20 2012:

 Have fun guys and look for you on Six..... Would be nice ;-) Nice to see you are still in full swing Yuri. GL and cu 73 @lex PA1AW

July 17 2012:

Нужны везде, и всеми видами, имею FP всего на двух бэндах! :) Хорошей вам поездки, удачи! 73! R9AB Mike

July 16 2012:

Ребята, желаю успешно отработать !!!! надеюсь, не обделите вниманием 40 м. также... До встречи в эфире, 73! Василий RV6ALI

July 8, 2012:

Удачи вам, ребята, буду звать везде, где услышу. 73! Ed VE3FWA

July 1, 2012:

Fellows, I'm looking forward to your FP operation on 50 mHz. And please be alert to us in the midwest; the distance from Iowa to FP is 1900 miles, a difficult skip zone for certain. Thanks for going, dx es 73 de Bill, W0WOI

July 1, 2012:

Желаю удачной экспедиции и надеюсь на встречу в диапазоне 160 м ! Буду слушать. 73! Ivan UA6MF

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